About Us

In 2006, the owner of tonimari™ haute pet couture opened its very first retail pet online clothing store, carrying only exclusive designs under the go fetch™ brand, and catering to the discerning taste of passionate dog owners who thinks the world of their overly indulged fur babies.

Literally, an unknown name but armed only with a vision to dress up these fashionista DIVAS, a marketing plan and a passionate determination to succeed in her new venture, she hit the ground running and hasn't looked back since. With no direct retail sales experience whatsoever, she has embarked on a bold challenge to compete with famous pet clothing designer brands by creating a unique line of comfortable, very high quality made, definitely functional and trendy outfits perfect for every occasion. Combined with unparalleled exceptional customer service, her company, in just three (3) years, has grown so quickly and earned such a reputation for fine quality dog apparel.

Exposure to various tiny breed pet forums allowed the designer of tonimari™ haute pet couture to create one of a kind outfits that not only make these furbabies be the "belle of every ball", but more importantly, offer clothes that are functional, safe, gentle and comfortable so they can be worn for longer hours without discomfort. Such standard features that come in most of the collection we carry are D-ring attachments so they can be ready to go and be safe on car rides or walks and definitely satin lining is a must not just for its luxurious feel but to reduce coat matting to our beloved pooches.

tonimari™ collections are made only in very limited quantities as attention to detail and intricate bead work can be very time consuming ... truly a haute pet couture at it's finest.

Due to the enormous and overwhelming interest from wholesale inquiries, these high quality made apparel will now be available to upscale online and B & M pet clothing stores.